5-Year-Old Hollywood Actress Sharon Stone Stuns Fans in Barbie-Inspired Look

A Hollywood actress arrived at a film festival held in the Middle East. In honor of the event, the actress chose a quite provocative outfit that is being discussed on the Internet.

The 65-year-old actress seemingly decided to support the Barbiecore trend. The star wore a bright pink dress, but it was not just the shade of the outfit that attracted fans’ attention. It was the style of the dress that made headlines. The dress was long, with the upper part being extremely open. Exposed shoulders and a very bold neckline, through which lingerie was visible, created a somewhat vulgar image.
To complement the look, the star added pink earrings and a feathered handbag in the same color.

The star does not shy away from her age and boldly chooses very seductive outfits that showcase her fabulous figure.
Fans of the actress started discussing the outfit quite fervently. Some noted that Sharon still remains a beauty, despite the overly ostentatious attire. Others stated that one should still consider their age and choose more suitable dresses.
One more point to consider is that the film festival took place in Saudi Arabia, where such outfits are viewed quite strictly. However, this fact clearly did not bother the Hollywood star.